Why We're OBSESSED With Crampons | Winter Footwear Traction

Posted by Kirsten on 2023 Jan 9th

Why We're OBSESSED With Crampons | Winter Footwear Traction

Do you know that feeling when you are trying to enjoy a walk outside in winter but you slip every second step so your body is tense?

Let’s add in that you’re also walking your leashed, and very excitable and strong dog who has claws and doesn’t understand why you need to move slower. You’re reaching for surrounding trees to keep you upright or you’re stepping off the trail (which we know is not ideal for maintaining the trails) in hopes of a better grip. Your winter walk is now taking twice as long and not because you’re enjoying it.

And then someone casually walks by, with full confidence, gives a little wave and continues on. You stare in awe. What superpower do they possess that allows them to move across the ice as if it wasn’t there at all?

You gaze towards the crunching sound emanating from their feet and that’s when their magic trick is revealed. But, it’s not magic at all. They have an accessory wrapped around their boots. Oh, what are they called? Grippers? Spikes? Cleats? Claws?


This is why we’re obsessed with crampons.

You can walk or run with confidence throughout the winter months! We carry Hillsound crampons as well as some Yaktrax Run and Stabil Mid Cleats. They each serve different purposes so visit us or send us a message and we can guide you to which one would be best for your winter activity.