What to Do When There's NO Snow in Winter

Posted by Kirsten on 2023 Jan 2nd

What to Do When There's NO Snow in Winter

A winter wonderland is magical and provides a playground for kids aged 0 to 102. Building snowmen, sliding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and so much more. There are endless possibilities to stay active outdoors in the snow.

But, what about when there is no snow. We are located in the Maritimes after all, so it’s pretty common for snow to come and go throughout the chilly months. Without snow, is it just... cold? Or is there still fun to be had outside?

Hint: Of course, there is. We’re an outdoor store so we are obviously biased into saying yes.

Without snow, there is likely ice, slush and mud. Running, Hiking and Biking are always great options. Take a look at our ‘Hiking in the Mud’ blog post on how to help maintain the trails in muddy conditions. If the ice has already had a chance to form - carry on skating or grab your crampons for a run or hike.

You need not venture far to enjoy the exterior world. Connect to your inner kid, put on some splash pants and go puddle jumping. Yes, we are serious.

Other suggestions made by the staff include: Slush Squats (say that ten times fast), Ice Carvings and Mud masks. We'll let you decide if they were being serious or not.

When the conditions are less than ideal, it’s also a great time to give your gear some extra TLC so you're prepared when the weather improves. Waxing your skis, cleaning your hiking boots and apparel, or patching up the rip in your pack you’ve neglected - to name a few. (And yes, we have a blog about maintaining and repairing gear too!) Another option is to dream up and plan future adventures.

If all else fails, grab your YETI mug, fill it with “christmas cheer” and stay inside.

What? We go inside sometimes too. ;)