Brand Feature: Fjällräven

Posted by Kirsten on 2022 May 24th

Brand Feature: Fjällräven

“Born out of a vision to make nature more accessible”, Fjällräven has been creating timeless, quality outdoor gear since 1960.

Beginning with an aluminum frame backpack, Åke Nordin founded the company in Sweden and quickly expanded their product line. Each new product was born from an effort to provide practical solutions and improve upon existing outdoor gear. That same quality gear continues to be relevant today from their rugged and practical Greenland Jacket to the popular Kånken backpack.


Fjällräven is equally innovative as they are stubborn and rebellious towards trends. They largely ignore the latest trends and stick to what they know works and is as sustainable as possible. Their product line maintains classic and timeless shapes that prioritize function. When it comes to chemicals that may harm the environment, they “just say no”. This is especially true when it comes to their weather proofing process.


One of their material mainstays in G-1000. It is found across their product line and it is a durable, breathable material made from a blend of Polyester and Cotton that can be custom weather proofed with their Greenland wax. By applying the Greenland wax, you can really focus on the places that actually need it, such as shoulders and the hood. Later, it can be safely washed out for the warm seasons to bring breathability back into your apparel. For higher levels of waterproofness, they developed Eco-Shell which incorporates recycled polyester and their own PFC-Free durable water-repellency (DWR) treatment.

By and large, Fjällräven carries the belief that we don’t need gear that is 100% waterproof, all the time. The reality of 100% waterproofness is, thus far, toxic chemicals are required to ensure that claim. This outlook is born from their environmental goals which aim for their products to exist in harmony with nature - or at least, as close to harmony as possible.


Beyond creating trusted outdoor clothing and equipment, they host a global trekking event which began as a 110 kilometer trek in Northern Sweden. It is now in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong and the USA as well. These annual events exist as part of their commitment to encouraging more people to get outside and enjoy nature.


Fjällräven's awareness to their impact is quite refreshing in the outdoor industry. They understand that it is impossible to create products without some level of impact on our environment and animals alike. Still, they have a deep commitment to the natural world and to ensuring that what they do create leaves as minimal footprint as possible. Their products are built with quality material to keep you moving in your daily routine as well as stand up to harsh conditions. When taken care of properly, their gear can last generations and be disposed of responsibly when their time comes.